Overstaying Your Arc. What Next

INTRODUCTION Have you ever thought of what would happen if you overstayed your ARC here in Taiwan? This can be pretty daunting for a student here especially so if you possess a scholarship. There is tons of information out there but does it really make sense? Does it really apply specifically to you and your situation. Never fear this guide is here to put you at ease. First we shall provide some information on what is the ARC and how to obtain one. What is an ARC?   ARC stands for Alien Resident Certificate. It is an official identification card issued to residents of Taiwan (persons holding a valid resident visa who do not have household registration in the Taiwan. HOW TO OBTAIN AN ARC An ARC is obtained via application to the National Immigration Agency in Taiwan.  As mentioned you will need to have a resident visa. You will need to provide other documents. This information and more can be found at.